How to Use Bitwise Operations in JavaScript to Convert a String to Uppercase

Jul 2, 2017


Ever wondered how the function toUpperCase is implemented in lower level? Would it be possible for you to implement this method yourself without using any libraries?

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Template Matching and Color Segmentation in Image Processing: Where's Wally?

Mar 9, 2017

matlab image-processing object-detection template-matching

Remember Wally from Martin Handford’s children book series Where’s Wally? When you were a kid, you probably spent plenty of time trying to find Wally in those illustrations. Now as an adult, we can write a simple MATLAB program that can automatically find Wally for us!

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How To Hide a Secret Message in an Image File – Steganography in Python

Dec 6, 2016

python cryptography steganography

When you see an image file, do you just see, – the visual image it represents? Or is it possible that there’s much more to it? Maybe there’s some secret hidden in the image that you don’t know?

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Use RxJS to Build a Simple Stream-Driven Stopwatch

Nov 25, 2016

web reactive-programming rxjs html-canvas

You must have heard of the thing called Reactive Programming, a way of programming with asynchronous data streams. And you want to learn what ReactiveX is. Let’s build a simple stream-driven stopwatch today using Reactive Extension for JavaScript (RxJS).

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Learn Reactive Programming: A Simple Calculator Example

Nov 21, 2016

web reactive-programming rxjs

The Web has evolved drastically in the past few years. The recent Ajax revolution has brought more asynchronous behaviors to our web applications, and the idea of Reactive Programming has thus came along to help manage and scale our applications. Programming with asynchronous data streams makes it much easier to build event-driven, resilient and responsive applications.

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Underscores in Python Naming Styles

Mar 30, 2016


Ever wondered why there are many methods in Python starting with two underscores that __look_like_this? What’s the difference between a single, and a double underscore before a method name?

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